Nexus 7 Receives OTA Update: Addresses Multitouch issues

Nexus 7 is perhaps the best Android tablets out there, and comes at a very interesting price bracket. For all the amazing screen on the new Nexus 7, there have been some bugs reported when it comes to multi touch of the device. People have reported that the screen does not respond on occasions while on others double taps even when the user has just entered single input. This was a common software  bug hurting most of the new Nexus 7 devices.

New Nexus 7

However, looks like Google have patched up this issue after releasing an update OTA for Nexus 7 users. The update was revealed at Google’s product forums, but failed to confirm if the update also addresses the faulty GPS of the tablet. For those who remember the old Nexus 7, there were constant issues with muti touch and the GPS of the device. Although there have been patches to fix that, you got to question if it is an issue more on the software side of Google than Asus.

Despite these issues, the Nexus 7 is without a doubt the best selling Android tablet out there and has given the closest competition to the likes of iPad and iPad Mini when it comes to enjoying groundbreaking success in the tablet market.

Via: Technobuffalo

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