Nexus 7 Successor already a Work in Progress for a Potential July Launch

Nexus 7 alongside the iPad mini has been the most successful sub ten inch tablet in the market. Coupled with amazing specs, a very tempting price and true Vanilla Android experience out of the box are just some of the broad reasons why the Nexus 7 has seen the sort of success not any other Nexus device has seen. And if this report by Reuters is to be believed then things are only going to go upwards from here on.

nexus 7

The nexus 7 successor is said to be ditching the existing tegra 3 chipsets on the Nexus 7 for the more power friendly Qualcomm chips. Although Google did consider both the processors, but has reportedly gone ahead with the Qualcomm ones. The Nexus 7 successor is set to be manufactured by Asus once again so if you hoped for an OEM change, then that is not happening. Also, Google has apparently made it clear that it wants the tablet to be priced even more aggressively than the existing Nexus 7 to popularize it’s Nexus brand.

The latest Nexus 7 is set to have a higher screen resolution, perhaps a full HD one as well as a thinner bezel as compared to the existing Nexus 7 model. The name of the model is yet to be known though some mummers in the market place are saying that the tablet could cost as little as $149. Fubon Securities analyst Arthur Liao said this about the low pricing strategy of Google:

This is the ‘zero margin strategy. Ninety-seven percent of Google’s revenue comes from advertisement, so it needs to sell more mobile devices in order to reach more consumers.

We are indeed excited about the new Nexus 7 since we were really impressed with the original one. What are your views on this story Let us know in the section below.

Via: Reuters

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