Nexus Prime Could Be The First Ice Cream Device

Rumors are what we in the tech world live by. Most of them are baseless but the keep us going. According a report at CNET, it is widely reported that Samsung has come together with Google once again for the manufacturing of the flagship device codenamed the Nexus Prime.


Nexus Prime would also be the very first Ice Cream Sandwich device, which is the next big leap by Google when it comes to Android OS which hopes to integrate the tablet and mobile world by bringing the greatest of both Honeycomb and Gingerbread. The rumored specs of the device are absolutely mouth-watering. The device is expected to be a dual core one and run 1.5 GHz processor on each core with a RAM of minimum 1GB. The camera is supposedly kept at 5 MP but with a better sensor for shooting at night time as well as ability to shoot HD videos.

Keeping in line with the stock Android feel, the Prime is expected to run the vanilla version of the new Android without any customization or any sort of extended Apps. The phone is supposedly sporting a mammoth 4.5 inches capacitive touch screen which so far has been only seen practically in the Infuse and the Titan. There is also expected support for 4G LTE and the phone is expected to be not carrier locked.

Vanilla Android with Ice cream Sandwich is probably just about any developers dream and with it combining with some absolutely fantastic hardware specs, this phone is without a doubt one of the most keenly awaited devices out there. So keep an eye here as we would do all we can to bring you latest from the world of Nexus Prime.

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  1. Rohit,
    If you read carefully, these are rumor based. And the os running would be ics instead of gingerbread like on sensation. Plus I am sure not many can think about the hardware specs going up in numbers. If you do, I would welcome your input.

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