Nike+ Running Comes To Android

A lot of Applications that we have associated with iOS over the years have seemingly made the trasition cross platform over to Android. We saw Flipboard, Temple run and various other big Apps launch on Android recently clearly showing that Android is just as attractive now as iOS. One such app that has successfully made the transition is Nike+ Running. For all those who are unfamiliar with the application on iOS, it is one of the most downloaded apps from the Apple App Store, it is an application that helps you calculate all your running and subsequently set all your goals for running and calories for burning etc.

The UI for the Android Application is pretty much identical to the application on iOS. It is still extremely easy to calibrate and use and it barely took us a minute to get everything set and run. There were a couple of issues with Forced close and on one occasion out of three that we tested the application, it showed different results as compared to its compatriot on the iPhone. We are not entirely sure if it was the phone or the application that caused the error. Apart from that one instance, the applications performed well together.

The application also has various challenges that you can take on and compare with your friends results. to help you do that the application also has a good social network connection, it is connected to where you can then analyse your runs or even compare it with your friends stats. Obviously there is also ability to share your runs and info over Twitter and Facebook. The application is available for free, which is the best thing obviously.

All in all we believe its a great application that runners and joggers would definitely enjoy. Did you use the application? What was your experience? Do let us know.

Download Link: Google Play Store

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