Nike to Bring a Football Centric App for iOS and Android on July 10th

Nike has a plethora of apps both on iOS and Android. However, most of these apps are either fitness or directly product centric. This is why, Nike is planning to cash in on the popularity of the football fever that has swept the world across during the FIFA World Cup 2014 by introducing a brand new application that is going to focus around football and talks around that.

Nike App

The application will have a 24/7 chat functionality allowing people to talk football with friends and like minded people. Not just this, Nike will also bring in a virtual shop within the application that would allow you to go ahead and buy some of the Nike merchandise. Since there are plenty of footballers who are sponsored by Nike such as the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, you can expect loads of live conversations with these stars from time to time within the application too.

The application will be launched on July 10th which is just in time for the final of the world cup that takes place on July 13th. With the domestic football season to follow shortly afterwards and several of Nike sponsored teams like Inter Milan, Manchester United and Barcelona entering into another gruesome and action packed year, the application will without a doubt have plenty of followers.

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