Nirlauncher: Hundreds of Portable Software in One Tool

Nir Sofer, a well known company who makes Windows software released its launcher that can run all the Nir Sofer sofware from single interface. The tool is known as Nirlauncher.

The beauty of software are, they are free to use, they come in very small size and they are portable. These software are pretty popular among Windows users.

Now, if you want to use any of their software then instead of downloading them one by one, it’s better to download their launcher utility. By using this utility you can launch any software from easy to use interface.


To get this software, go to the developer’s website, download a zip file, extract it on your computer. Now run the¬†NirLauncher.exe file. You’ll see a nice interface on which software are well categorized.

There are categories like Password Recovery utilities, Network monitoring tools, web browser tools, internet related utilities, command line utilities, programmer tool, disk utilities, and many more. You just have to click on particular tab and you’ll see all the software related to it.

To launch any program, just double click on a program name. Program will open in a new window.


You can use advanced options (Go to Options > Advanced Options) to get select some preferences and mouse/keyboard actions. For example you can select whether a program can run on double click or not. Also you can run program by pressing the “Enter” key.

Overall, it is one of the most nifty tool for Windows computer user. It is all in one solution to your software need. We highly recommend this freeware for your PC.

Download Nirlauncher [via].

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