No Likes Yet is an Interesting Web App for you to gather love for your Instagram Pictures with no Interaction

Social Media rejection is perhaps the worst kind of rejection. We have all been privately rejected and not many of us like to own up to it or like to recite it. Yet, a social media rejection is so public that it is humiliating. We have all had that moment where we have just updated a status message or posted a picture and waited hours and hours on end for the first sight of interaction on it. Yet it always happens that none of it whatsoever comes by and you are left there, literally with an egg on your face thinking whether you would be better advised to simply delete the update and save yourself future embarrassment.

No Likes Yet



However, three men have come up with a service that will save or at least attempt to save your face. No Likes Yet, is an interesting web application that allows you to pool in your Instagram pictures which have not received any likes yet with similar pictures of others who may have connected. The aim of the service is to connect you with strangers and help out others by dropping a like or two while also hoping that someone does a similar favor for you and send back a like or two your way.

The service is community driven and really easy to follow. All you basically need to do is to connect your account and watch the magic happen. This is an absolutely free service to use so you should have nothing to worry about. In case, you do not like it, you can always revoke the access of the account from the web version of Instagram.

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