No Need to Enter Apple ID Password in App Store With PasswordPilot

App Store is the most widely used feature of any Apple product. We are probably hooked on it whenever we have any free time and a data connection is available. Very often we are downloading apps after apps but the most irritating part is the App store continuously asking us to enter the password. Now with Apple’s new policy it has increased even more.


However, if you are running a jailbroken device you are in luck, because here is a very simple way to get away with manually entering the password every single time you feel like downloading a new app. Follow these simple steps to be able to download your apps without any hassles of re-entering the password.

1) Open cydia and let it laod its data.

2) Enter the new source :

3) Let the source be added, and then in the search bar enter “password pilot”.

4) Install the tweak and exit Cydia.

5) Once you are done, go to settings and there click on passwordpilot and enter your Apple ID and password.

6) Exit settings and you are done.

I would not recommend this tweak to people who are not a frequent users of the App Store. But for those who love downloading apps after apps, its probably one of the most important tweaks.

Check out the awesome video made by iDownloadBlog team which shows how this tweak works:

[via iDownloadBlog]

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