Nokia 808 Pureview: A Gimmick Or Pure Genius?

Nokia has always been the camera master in the mobile phone market. It initiated a new concept called a camera phone with the launch of Nokia N70, the first 2mp camera in smartphones. It moved ahead to N93 with VGA capture, 3mp and optical zoom, and then N95 and N82 with 5mp and xenon flash respectively, N86 with 8mp and the first with intelligent zoom and full digital microphone. With N8 the standard was increased as it was the first with 1/1.83” sensor, it captured 720p videos and had the features of N86 like Xenon and microphone.

At the Mobile World Congress 2012 held on 27th February, Nokia scrapped off their all of their previous camera records with the launch of the Nokia PureView 808. It is a Symbian/Nokia Belle with 4” CBD screen and 41mp 1/1.2” sensor with Carl Zeiss optic lens. This is the first smartphone with Nokia PureView imaging technology. Now click crystal clear pictures with the Xenon flash, which is double the power of Nokia N8, even in low light. Being better than anything it also includes full HD 1080p video recording and playback with 4X lossless zoom and the world’s first use of Nokia Rich Recording. Zoom as much as you like. At full resolution approximately 38 megapixel images can be captured without the loss of any detail.

The new Nokia PureView 808 uses the Nokia PureView technology which is based on the pixel oversampling technique. This technique is about reducing a high resolution image into lower resolution image and achieves an HD image with high light sensitivity. It means that the oversampling of pixels will feasibly produce high-detailed, noise free images even in low light settings along with a digital zoom without quality degradation or detail loss. Optical zoom in a camera phone is unimaginable considering the size and how bulky the phone might look. Oversampling is the solution found by Nokia to the optical zoom problem of a camera phone after working for 5 long years. It is basically a 5mp camera with a very high resolution sensor. So calculating the whole gets you a 41mp camera phone!

The other specifications include:

  • Nokia Belle with feature pack 1
  • 16 GB internal memory with up to 48 GB external microSD memory card.
  • 512MB RAM with 1.3 GHz processor plus GPU
  • Bluetooth 3.0, HDMI, DLNA
  • WLAN
  • GPS
  • FM transmitter
  • Secure NFC

The phone is currently launched in Black, Red and White colours. This phone is priced Rs.29999 in India. Though it has not officially launched is India, the price given is approximate expected price.

Blogtechnika would like to extend a warm gratitude to Ms. Neha Nagwekar for her contributions to this post.

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