Nokia Announces the Ozo, Its First Virtual Reality Filming Device

When Microsoft bought out the mobility division of Nokia, the question loomed large over the long term impact the same would have in terms of what would, once the giants of the mobile industry, do in order to run the books. It was widely claimed that Nokia would now focus on the maps, new technologies and the telecom solutions segment rather than the old phone business. Since then, we have seen a Nokia branded tablet, a launcher, few improvements to the Here maps and more. However, in terms of absolute new hardware and vertical, for the first time since the Microsoft takeover happened, Nokia has come up with something really significant.

Nokia has announced Ozo, which is the first Virtual Reality recording device by the Finnish giants. With the likes of Go Pro entering the space of VR recording given the craze for VR, the Ozo makes a lot of sense fitting right into the gamut of new technology devices that are required today. The Ozo has eight image sensors placed at about a distance of one eye between them, all of which are mounted on a sphere. These optical sensors have an assigned microphone to them at the top in order to record and playback audio in 3D space so that you have a proper VR experience. The best part about Ozo is that unlike other VR recorders, it allows you to watch the footage in real time as and when it is recorded without any problem. You can use any VR headset for this.

Not just this, Ozo also allows you to simply playback the entire footage in a low-quality video within minutes of recording unlike other VR recorders which usually take a lot of time and post-processing to show the video file. Ozo can be mounted on any standard tripod and is primarily aimed at the Hollywood for good quality VR shoot.

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