Nokia Asha 210 is the First Smart Phone with Dedicated Whatsapp Button

Call it the Whatsapp phone or just another plain move by Nokia to strengthen their position in the emerging market territory, but Nokia has announced the Asha 210, an Asha device with a dedicated Whatsapp button on it. The Asha 210, like other devices from the series aims at Emerging markets and is more of an entry level phone rather than one that is aimed to resurrect Nokia’s position in the market of the elite smart phone devices.


The device will set you back by about $72 which is roughly Rs. 3500, the standard outgoing price for most entry level devices. The specs on the device are pretty modest, with a 2 Mega Pixel shooter on the back without any LED Flash. The Asha 210 has 64 MB of internal storage but there is an expansion possible via a Micro SD card. The device would be available in both single and dual sim versions with the single sim one offering a crazy battery standby time of 46 days.

The device is of QWERTY form factor and the screen is nothing all that special measuring 2.4 inch diagonally with a QVGA display. Whatsapp though, is especially excited about the device. Here is what their co-founder, Brian Acton said:

We are focused on delivering the best WhatsApp experience to as many people as possible, We are very excited about our partnership with Nokia Asha complementing our strategy of giving people around the world an easy experience when keeping in touch with their friends.

The device could be available as soon as the middle of second quarter this year and provides a solid phone for messaging capabilities. Although we would have liked the device to be running some sort of Windows Phone OS, but for a start the Asha 210 would suffice.

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via: Technobuffalo

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