Nokia Camera Beta App Launches for all Lumia Devices

Nokia Pro Cam has widely received accolades to be the best Camera Application that any smartphone has seen. With pretty much every possible control in the hands of the user, the app was really appreciated. However, the only bad thing about the app was that it was exclusive to the Pureview devices. This meant that only the high end devices such as Lumia 920, 925 and the Camera beast Lumia 1020 could take advantage of the application. This left other devices out and looks like they felt bad about the same.

Nokia Camera Beta

Nokia though, to their credit have decided that the Non PureView devices deserve to enjoy some photography exploits too and as a result have opened the Nokia Camera app which is the renamed variant of the Nokia Pro Cam app to every device in the Lumia Category. The app is still in Beta, so you must be a part of the Beta testing program of Nokia or BetaLabs to be able to enjoy the application on your non Pure View Device.

It is really easy to become a part of the BetaLabs programs and we highly recommend you to do the same to enjoy the app that pretty much takes mobile photography to a new level. The obvious catch here is that your device must be running Windows Phone 8 to be able to enjoy Nokia Camera Beta app.

Via: Technobuffalo ; Nokia beta Lab

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