Nokia Compares iPhone 5 And Lumia 920 In An Interesting Infographic

Samsung has taken plenty of cheap shots at Apple with their latest commercial and it seems like Nokia is going to be out in full force to show their flagship device Lumia 920 is perhaps a better deal for customers than the iPhone 5. This is affirmed in the latest infographic released by Nokia which to be very honest makes some really odd comparisons. I mean there is a comparison saying that iPhone has a touch screen while the Lumia touch screen is super sensitive and can be used with a glove on. I find this baffling, simply because of the lack of practicality in the statement. Even if I can use a Lumia 920 with a glove on while skiing, it does not take into account I cannot reach the phone lying in my pocket using a glove. Whatever be the reason I have to take the glove off, this kind of kills the purpose of the touch screen used by gloves, unless you want to risk holding your device always in your hands with gloves on which would increase the chances of device slipping.

This is not all, we all pretty much know which of the two devices are more capable, it is not even a close call like Android or iPhone. The comparisons such as Live Tile vs Fixed Grid or Panorama in HD really sounds desperate from Nokia to just about try and give any reason to score market points, no mater how meager and minuscule the point is. Not greatest marketing I would say from Nokia, they have always been better off focusing on themselves rather than showing their opponents down. Here is the infographic for you to judge.

Via: NeoWin

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