Nokia Express Is An Alternative Browser For Windows Phone 7.5

Windows Phone 7.5 is a real upcoming Mobile OS. One of the leading Tech reviewers’ Trentonn Smith tweeted a very interesting comparison of WP 7.5,”the difference between a cluttered desk and a clean desk. May be fine w/ my clutter, but always appreciative of cleanliness”. This is probably one of the best analogies I have heard personally about WP 7.5. There are not too many applications that are available for WP 7.5 and that is probably the thing that is holding it behind Android. However there are some real interesting applications for WP 7.5 coming out and one such app is Nokia Express Browser.

We all are aware that most carriers put a lot of Data restriction on our mobile plans, meaning we are restricted to a cap of downloaded data. This varies from around 250 MB to sometimes 2 GB. In this situation it is a must to have applications that are Data friendly, and since we use a lot of Internet for browsing it is a great news having a browser that helps preserve data somewhat like Chrome is for Android.  Nokia Express is a light browser that helps you save your data by about 80%. It works exactly like the way that Chrome works just on Wp 7.5.

The application is actually rather pretty and not just about saving data.You can also add your preferred stories in the magazine section and despite not supporting RSS it picks your choices and starts to pick stories that might interest you later on. The application is currently in beta and there may be few bugs, it is available only on the Lumia range of devices for now, though we fully expect it to release soon for the entire platform. And the best bit? Yes, it is available for absolute free. So grab your copy now.

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Via: AddictiveTips

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