Nokia finally jumps the Android bandwagon: Announces the Nokia X, X+ and XL at MWC

We all wanted it, just maybe wanted it not in the flavor that Nokia eventually served. After, what was the worst kept secret in the history of tech biz, Nokia finally announced three Android based smartphones, called the Nokia X, X+ and the XL. The devices run forked version of Android but that is barely recognizable thanks to a mix of Windows Phone like tiled interface and Asha devices like Fast Lane. The three devices are based on Android 4.1. It may look ancient, but like we said, it is barely recognizable Android and given the time, the device has been in works, Android 4.1 sounds about ok.

Nokia X1

The devices are aimed at the emerging markets and given their low specs, and attractive price points, they are bound to sell well. The devices will not bring the Google Play store or any other Google service when they arrive. Instead, there is a Nokia store for Apps and other stores like Yandex. There are a ton of Microsoft services like Skype and One Drive on board. The Nokia X will retail for 89 Euroes while the Nokia X+ will cost 99 Euros and the XL will sell for 109 Euros. All the three devices are dual sim phones.

The Nokia X and X+ basically have the same features such as a 4 inch WVGA display and powered by a dual core snapdragon SoC. The Nokia X has 512 MB RAM while the X+ has 768 MB. There is 4 GB internal storage and a fixed focus 3 MP rear shooter and no front facing camera. The XL though has a 5 inch display with the same WVGA res, but a 5 MP rear camera and a VGA front Camera. The Nokia X will go on sale immediately while the X+ and XL will arrive in Quarter 2.

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