Nokia Hints at the Announcement of Android Phone with MWC Invite

It is the worst kept secret in the world that Nokia is indeed working on an Android smartphone. All this after pretty much every Nokia enthusiast including us had given up the hope of them doing just the same. However, reports are emerging now that with the internal political scenes cleared up, it may be rather soon that we will see the device. The device, otherwise termed the Normandy could actually be called the Nokia X. That if true, is actually a pretty slick name for a smartphone.

Nokia Invite

The invite obviously does not say what would be on the show but signs point towards a major announcement of a mid tier device on 24th of February at 8:30 AM in Barcelona. The device is said to run a forked Android version just like the Kindle Fire series of devices,  with hints from both the Lumia series and the Asha series. , it is believed that the phone would also support applications from the Google Play Store.

It is pretty obvious Nokia is hurrying up to get the device in the market before the Microsoft acquisition starts to kick in. It just may be the last perfect gift that Nokia wants to give it’s enthusiasts and we are certainly not complaining.

Via: Redmondpie

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