Nokia Launches the Metal Body Lumia 925

After days of speculation, Nokia has finally lifted the grand sheet off the all Aluminum Lumia and have named it Nokia Lumia 925. As expected the device is made entirely out of Aluminum unibody instead of the polycarbonate material that Nokia has gone with most of it’s other high end Nokia Lumia devices. The device is also slimmed down as compared to the Lumia 920 weighing only 139 grams as compared to 185 grams. The Verge have called it ‘ A Lumia on a Diet’.

Lumia 925

This loss in weight comes at the cost that Lumia 925 does not support Wireless Charging out of the box like the 920 variant. You have to apply a charging jacket for that similar to one on the Lumia 820. Apart from the externals, the internals remain pretty much the same as the Lumia 920. The device will ship in June with the same 4.5 inch OLED display with 1280 x 768 and 1 GB RAM like Lumia 920. The Lumia 925 will be available in 16 GB or 32 GB variant depending upon the carrier you pick it.

There is a brand new optional default Camera application on Lumia 925 called the Smart Camera Mode. It works similarly to how various Lens work on Lumia range of devices. It alters the Camera UI on the device and allows users to take upto 10 images with new motion focus. The device no doubt will be marketed with it’s Imaging taking capabilities, but we would perhaps have liked the Xenon flash like that on Lumia 928. Unlike the other Lumia models, the 925 would be available only in grey or black metallic colors. The Lumia 925 will set you back by 469 Euros in Europe if you want an unlocked device.

Via: The Verge

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