Nokia Lumia 1020 Front Profile Leaked

Nokia are coming up with an EOS device this july. We have covered several blog posts here on Blogtechnika regarding the same but the news just does not seem to die out. After the sensational revelation of the man behind the name of @Evleaks, looks like we are back to business as they have now published the very first image of the front profile of the device. So far we had seen only the Camera module, back and some of the internals of the device. But now, we have the front of the device.

Lumia 1020 EOS leak

It is worth noting that the device has an AT&T branding on top and it could well be that the device will launch on AT&T straight up for the first time. THe device carries the looks of the other high end Lumia devices such as the Lumia 920 or the 925. Not really sure what the screen size is, but we are guessing the device to be pretty similar in size as the 920. The device retains the button configuration of the other Lumia devices with Volume Rocker, Power Unlock/Lock Button and the Shutter Button.

The chassis of the device looks metallic and doesnt look like they will be going back to the polycarbonate build. Unlike most of the other leaks, Evleaks has pretty much always got everything spot on so we can pretty much trust the image to be true.

Via: @Evleaks

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