Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet releasing in Mid November?

Several news rumors have pointed towards a release of a Nokia powered tablets. Despite selling off the mobile division to Microsoft, Nokia would roll out the products under its own brand name till until the deal kicks in. We believe that it would not be till the next year that Nokia as a branding on smart phones would be a thing of the past.

Nokia- Tablet

Nokia has always been one of the trend setters at least when it comes to designing their products, right from their E- Series to N- Series and to the more recent Lumia devices have all been fantastically designed devices. And looks like they are set to enter a new product category just as they are about to bow out. The Nokia tablet is slated for a release in the mid of next month i.e. mid of November. The device would be available in several colors including Cyan, White, Black and Red.


The device would sport a 10.1 inch display and cost about $499 and run Windows RT. There is rumored to be 32 GB of space on the device as well as micro SD slot for expansion. The device will be powered by a Snapdragon 800 SoC and sport a 6.7 MP Camera with carl Zeiss Lens.

Not entirely sure if even a Nokia made Windows RT tablet would take off given that Surface failed miserable, but we will see once the tablet releases.

Via: WP Central

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