Nokia Lumia 520 is the Best Selling Windows Phone Closely Followed by Lumia 920

Windows Phone is comfortably the only alternate OS to those who do not want either Android or iOS. The OS may not have hit the numbers that send your spine down the excitement route, but may well have done enough to be a dominant force amongst the others. Where Windows Phone has really excelled is in the low budget region, in a region where iOS is obviously not available and Android is still struggling to balance the price vs performance debate. Thanks largely to the lightness of WP OS, it runs pretty much perfectly on low end devices such as the Lumia 620 or the 520.

Windows Phone Share1

As a result this comes as a no surprise to us that the Lumia 520 has been the most selling Windows Phone out there. The device is right at the bottom curvature when it comes to the pricing and runs the latest OS that is Windows Phone 8. The device contributes to about 13.3% of the total Windows Phone devices sold and is closely matched at about 11% by the flagship Lumia 920.

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It is also clear to see that Nokia enjoys the monopoly as far as sales of Windows Phone devices are concerned as HTC and Samsung barely make up the numbers. Also, in emerging markets such as India the Lumia 520 has done exceedingly well giving users a very decent phone for well below the 10k mark.

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