Nokia Lumia 800 and 710

The giant is back, yes our very own Nokia which once sat on top like a kings crown is back, this time with another giant, Microsoft. The finnish company which had a tumbling fall is back with two new models namely Lumia 800 and 710, both supporting the WINDOWS OS 7.5


Along with the previous wonderful features such as superior camera and a battery which is never drained, they will have few unique features such as

1) NOKIA DRIVE: Turn by turn voice guided navigation system, and that’s not all, it will be with 3-D maps of over 750 indian cities and many voice languages including HINDI,how cool is that??

2) NOKIA MixRadio: It is basically an online music streaming service with both local and global music channels. So nokia will provide music for everyone, from our very own desi music lovers to the headbangers 😉

Both the above features are FREE OF COST, Yes, they are FREE 😀

Another great utility we will have is Nokia ContactsTransfer. As the name suggests, it allows you to transfer contacts across various devices.

Both the phones will also have App highlights, a feature similar to microsofts app connect.

All in all we expect two amazing new devices which we can consider while emptying our pockets on new smartphones which in todays time are our best companion.

Approximate Cost:

Lumia 800- Rs 30,000

Lumia 710- Rs 20,000

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