Nokia Lumia 800 Getting Update To Windows 7.8

Windows Phone 8 is the latest OS to come from the labs of Microsoft, yet some of the older Windows Phone devices that were launched this year and last year would not be getting any sort of update to OS 8. To compensate for this Microsoft has promised to update a few selected devices to Windows Phone 7.8. There had been no official words as to when the OS would be available for Lumia range of devices especially. However, it is now being widely reported that Lumia 800, the previous flagship device of both Microsoft and Nokia is already starting to get the Windows 7.8 Update.

This update is rolling out currently in the Netherlands, and in order to get the update, all you have to do is connect your device to a computer that runs the Zune software and from there select the device and check for the update. There is a possibility that the update to 7.8 would be available for your phone. There is no OTA update for Windows Phone 7.5, a feature that has been included in Windows Phone 8 devices, so as a result it is mandatory to connect the phone to PC.

lumia 800 update


(Image via: mynokiablog)

With Windows Phone 7.8, you can expect plenty of changes to your Lumia devices. The most important ones being able to change sizes of the tiles on your home screen which would make the home screen even more intuitive. Also, there is a brand new animation for boot up and the phone looks very similar as though it is running Windows Phone 8. There are a fair few things that are missing though like the rooms feature etc. The lock screen is a little more interactive with WP 7.8 as you can add live wallpapers there. Some applications such as Office and XBox also have seen their icons changed to make the device look as close to WP 8 as possible. So far though, we have not been able to update our device in India, even though unofficial updates are available, we strongly advise against using that method. It is better to wait for the official updates.

We would be definitely doing a hands on video once our devices get the update, so stay tuned here. Do let us know in case your WP 7.5 device does get the update and specify your region too.

[via: CNET].

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