Nokia Lumia 900 Batman Edition Coming Soon?

Batman is one of those action figures we have grown up watching. Some of us even secretly wanted to be batman when we were wee toddlers. Then came the plethora of batman movies and yes The Dark Knight was my favorite and i so cannot wait for the next one. But we are not here to discuss the movies. Today Batman has become as much a fashion symbol as much as an action figure.

However, Nokia Lumia 900 seem to be taking the batman rage to the next level. The Lumia 900 would soon be available across the European Nations such as Germany, France and United Kingdom in the near future. The phone would be an extremely rare edition and available for a very short period since the production is already said to be extremely limited. There is no word about the phone available either in India or the United States. However, for the love of Batman we hope it would come. the phone has a small Batman logo or the bat logo however you would like to call at the back and looks extremely smart. There is no big batman branding or show case so you can keep your love for Batman subtle and still have an extremely rare piece of hardware.

However, for those who cannot get their hands on this wonderful device like me, for the time being shall enjoy with a Batman sticker behind their smart phones. What do you think about a Batman phone? Would you like to own one? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Via: Technobuffalo

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