Nokia Lumia 925 Goes on Sale for Rs. 34169

After weeks of waiting finally the Nokia and Windows Phone enthusiasts can rejoice as the much awaited Nokia Lumia 925 is now available in the market. The device ones at a price of Rs. 34,169 which still considered by many, is a few thousands too high. However, the street price of the device is expected to be much lower and if you know how to drive a bargain, the phone could be significantly cheaper.


The problem with the launch of Nokia Lumia 925 though, is that it is an obsolete device already at the launch as people are already looking forward to picking the Lumia 1020, the 41 MP monster of a device. The Lumia 925 is a minor upgrade to the Nokia Lumia 920, but only on the outer casing, but the internals remain the same, but with Amber Update pre-installed.

This is exactly why it makes little sense to pick a Lumia 925 because there will be a drop in price no doubt of the Lumia 920, and with pretty much all the same features, as the Amber Update is set to roll out on the 920 as well, the Lumia 920 suddenly looks like a much more gettable device. Unless, you really have a thing for metallic strips, thats where the 925 would be a good pick.

You can check out the Lumia 925 on various online E-Commerce portals such as Flipkart here

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