Nokia N9 Announced: Will it be Enough to Save Nokia

If you have been reading my posts regularly, you would know that i am a massive fan of Nokia. Their devices till date are some of the most robust made with equal measure of reliability and popularity amongst the mobile users. What has horribly let Nokia down is without doubt the outdated software they had been using.

A change in fortunes is predicated when Nokia finally moves to the Windows 7 platform. But the geek in me had been waiting for the Nokia’s range of MEE-GO based devices as i thought maybe after the failure of the N900 , Nokia would have learnt their lessons moving from MAEMO TO MEE-GO. However with the announcement of N9 , i must say, i expected a little more. In fact had it not been or an official announcement from Nokia i would have rubbished this device as pure speculation.


However, the leaked version is the developers version and for the sake of the fallen giants in Nokia i would hope that there are some significant improvements in the device before it comes to the market. So what exactly is this powerhouse device packing?

The device has absolutely zero hardware button on the top and this may be a big drawback in how we have grown used to using our smartphones. The screen size is also a very odd 3.9 inches OLED one which puts it right in the iPhone category. The device packs a 854 x 480 pixel display and weighs 135 grams. The device would be available in either 16 GB or 64 GB version and sports a 8 megapixel rear shooter. The social networking clients such as facebook and twitter are well integrated and the music on the device is a joy to behold. Insta Pairing is also a wonderful feature to look forward to in this device.

Here you can watch the Nokia N9 in action:

So what do you think, have Nokia got it right? Will their fortunes be revived by this device or will the fall from grace continue? Do let us know.

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