Nokia Rebuilding the Ovi Brand: Renames Here Maps to Ovi Maps

Symbian was probably the most powerful OS on mobile in the years gone by. Since then we have seen Symbian bloom and fast forward a few years die a natural death. Yet, Nokia which is in a way  synonymous with Symbian brand is not prepared to let it all fade away to just sweet memories. In a pretty surprising turn of events after Symbian was shut down, Nokia has declared that it is set to bring back the Symbian brand alive from the dead.

nokia press release

Nokia has officially said that it would be rebranding it’s maps service, currently called ‘Here maps’ to Ovi Maps and the Music service too would be called ‘Ovi Music’. There is no obvious signs of which other services will be rebranded but the first devices to carry the branding will be the Nokia Lumia 520 and 720. This is what EVP of Sales for Nokia said to confirm the news:

“Ovi is the simple, memorable Finnish word for door that complements our family of Windows powered Nokia Lumia products. These windows and doors are harmonious connections for our users’ connected lives. The Ovi brand reinforces our commitment to connecting people with the door of opportunity and the services most important to them”.

However, Nokia’s Head of Entertainment did detail a plan to maybe move towards Ovi music too:

“The rebranding to OVI will help shift focus back on to the content and services we provide, and away from the provider (Nokia); with this we can move forward and make Ovi Mix Radio and Ovi Music more accessible and welcoming to other OEM’s and hopefully in the future other Platforms. With our opening of the API’s last month we got some excellent feedback from both developers and consumers; so we want to take Ovi music to the next level by allowing app developers on other platforms such as Android take advantage of our stellar services”.

In more than one way we are delighted to see Ovi making a comeback as you always are attached to your firsts in life, and definitely Symbian and Ovi were that, as far as mobile market is concerned. Yet how far this initiative would go is anybody’s guess although Nokia to their credit has promised apps such as Flipboard, Snapchat, Vine etc in the coming weeks on an Ovi Store.

Via: mynokiablog

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