Nokia Rolls out the new Black Update to all its Lumia Devices

As the acquisition period comes closer, ever little news coming out from the Nokia as we know it, is well worthy of coverage. Updates have been fairly significant for the Lumia devices, making them as an actual feasible alternative to otherwise a sea of Android devices. The latest from Nokia is an update called ‘Nokia Black’ that has already started hitting the update roads and soon may well lead up to your Lumia device.

Nokia Black update

The update is available right from the Lumia 520 all the way up to the Lumia 1020 device. The update brings in new features, updates to apps as well as some improvements to the imagery on these devices. One of the major new add ons is the addition of folders so you can group your apps. However, you cannot group any of the default Nokia apps on the device. The Glance Screen has also been updated and supports the notifications from apps such as Whatsapp to keep you updated constantly about your notifications.

The update brings Bluetooth 4.0 or Low Energy across the Lumia range, something that we had seen previously with Android. Not just this, the Black update also sees new apps such as Nokia Refocus and Nokia Beamer come on Lumia devices with more than 1 GB of RAM. There is also Nokia Storyteller which essentially is a fancy name of the new gallery that arranges pics based on location and date.

The update is already out for the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 and expected to hit the other devices in the coming week.

Via: Nokia Conversations

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