Nokia Sold 8 Million Lumia Devices in the last Quarter

In a report that definitely will surprise a lot of people, Wall Street Journal has claimed that Nokia sold at the very least 8 million Lumia devices in the last quarter alone. This is a very significant number and one much higher than most would have anticipated. Running an OS that most have dismissed to be not really up to the scratch and an impeding takeover on it’s head, you have got to say Nokia have truly pulled the chicken out of the hat if that number is true.

Nokia Lumia

Most of the sales though has come from lower spec’d devices with affordable prices such as Lumia 520, aggravating the belief that Windows Phone 8 might well be the perfect solution for devices which are in low budget line up. This is certainly good news before the big Nokia World announcements that are scheduled to take place tomorrow (Oct 22nd). What would be interesting though is the profit or loss the company would announce given that results are expected around October 29th, almost a week from today.

It would be pretty ironic if the selling products actually are lower spec’d Lumia devices while Nokia is gearing up to announce a tablet and perhaps even a phablet Lumia device alongside a couple of Asha phones.

Via: WSJ/ The Verge


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