Nokia Takes A Dig At Apple Branding iPhone Dull In The Latest Lumia Ad

It is very much an indicative of the fact that your products are not doing very well if the only USP  you have with your flagship device is that it is available in various different colors as compared to it’s high flying competitors. In fact personally speaking i am not too fussed about which colour my device is as long as it performs well, yes a lot of people have a preference for a white device since they really look sleek, but apart from that an a standard black color not too many devices ship in colors such as pink or cyan. However, it seems like the theme with promoting WP 8 is the large variety of colors the devices are available in. No doubt such things would impress the female following and attract them given they do like to be the in fashion people.

And this strategy has been visible right from the keynote of Lumia 920 where Nokia spoke extensively about the colorful world that Windows Phone 8 is. HTC followed a similar path when they announced the 8X and 8S. But now it seems like Nokia is all set to take this color campaign to a whole new level. And it comes in the form of the latest advertisement of the Lumia range of devices. they take a right dig at Apple for being too monotonous and boring with their devices and claim the world of Lumia is so much more vibrant. not too sure if we agree with this sort of ads despite being big Nokia fans. Here is the Ad for you:

Via: TheGadgetFan

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