Nokia takes a wild shot at iPhone in its latest Commercial

It has become sort of a trend in the tech industry now to demean another device to show how good certain features on your device are. Samsung started this when they started to mock the iPhone and sadly looks like Nokia is joining the brigade too. It is obvious, who the market trend setter is, if you see that Apple continues to come up with subtle, simple yet engaging commercials while the likes of Nokia and Samsung feel the need to pull down what obviously they feel the threat is in the market to push the advert of their product.

Lumia 925

This obviously leaks of desperation and honestly makes you question if creativity is so dead in some of these top smart phone OEMs that they cannot come up with ad films about their products which revolve around what is just theirs. The ad starts with a jibe at the Apple ad that although more pictures are taken on an iPhone everyday, at Nokia they prefer quality over quantity. This is in stark contrast to a company that has been boasting about all of the 41 MP on the recently announced Lumia 1020.

As an enthusiastic Nokia follower, it is difficult for me to see the Finnish giants to stoop to such tactics, as an OEM, Nokia has a charm like no other, and we sincerely hope they can get back to creating great stuff themselves like the Lumia ad series than poking cheap shots.

Here is the ad of Lumia 925 that we have been talking about:

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