Nokia Teases an Event for October 22nd

Nokia might have sold it’s Mobile Division to Microsoft and broken countless hearts, but that hasnt stopped them from teasing us with some of the last products that will carry the legendary Nokia branding. Nokia took to its Social Networking sites to tease us that it is still very much in the game and plans to go out with a massive spring in it’s step. The teaser was put up on twitter first which if it has to be believed, the FInnish giants at least will show one product before it vanishes under the hood of the Redmond giants.


The teaser is pretty simple and seeing the background, it may not be a bad guess to think that the event would be held in one of the middle East countries. There are wide speculations about the device that could be on show on October 22nd which is the date that the teaser asks us to book. We could finally see a Nokia made tablet running Windows RT which could give an interesting insight to what the plans of Microsoft might be about their Surface line of devices and if Windows RT indeed would have any role to play in the future.

We might also see a Nokia 1520 which is company’s first phablet device reportedly. the device could mark the beginning of GDR3 update roll out which would bring an extra colum of tiles on Windows Phone. Whatever it is, it may well be the last event under the banner of Nokia and we cannot wait for it as it truly will mark end of a gynormous era.

Via: Fone Arena

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