Nokia To Unveil a Music Player on October 22nd?

Nokia is set to launch a plethora of devices in its highly anticipated event on October 22nd. We recently reported that there may well be a tablet on the cards for Nokia which would run Windows RT. This is a first for Nokia as they try to enter new territory before Microsoft completely deprives us of one of our favorite brands in the Consumer Electronics Industry.


According to @Evleaks once again, which has so far proven to be as accurate as words from gospel, Nokia is set to also announce the Nokia Guru which is basically a Nokia designed music player. The catch here is that the music player is very much like iPod Shuffle but has NFC built in. It is unclear what purpose does NFC serve in a music player, but looks like Nokia wants to put out as many products for us to remember it fondly when it gets consumed by Microsoft.


However, given how poorly the Ms Zune failed and how little Apple seems to be interested in talking about the iPods, looks like these portable MP3 players dont really have a place in the market especially as the smartphones are gradually becoming more and more capable and doing way more than a dedicated music player can do.

Do let us know your views about a Nokia made Music Player. Would you pick one for yourself? Let us know in the section below.

Via: Technobuffalo/@Evleaks

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