Nokia Windows Phones to be Launched on October 26th

We have been really waiting for the third big game player in the mobile industry to throw its hat in the ring and it seems now that finally it has been decided after a rather disappointing apple showing and a pretty impressive Android ICS release that much hyped Nokia and Microsoft partnership is set to see the light of the day. It was widely expected that the first Nokia devices to be running the super smooth looking Windows Phone 7 OS would not be out till the beginning of next year , however that’s definitely not the case anymore as its finally been confirmed that October 26th would be the chosen day.


In the Nokia World event scheduled to be held in London on October 26-27th Nokia would show off their latest range of smart phones that are scheduled to take on the giants of mobile industry in Apple and Android. The announcement was formally made by Mr. Andy Lees, the president of Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 development division about the confirmation of the launch. It would be a pretty good guess that there would be more than one device on the show.
Andy also added that the device would have “differentiating hardware and software” meaning we are very likely to see a fair few changes from already out Mango running Windows Phone 7 devices. Nokia has definitely been seen as fallen giants alongside RIM of the mobile industry and if they want to salvage any of the lost pride, they very well know that their windows Phone 7 series of devices will have to do extremely well. Not just as a competition to Android or the iPhone but also for its own good. It definitely is shaping out to be a very competitive and interesting holiday season for all us Tech lovers. Stay tuned with us as we bring the latest and greatest of this world for you all.

[via Mashable].

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