Nokia X Launched in India for Rs 8,599; X+ and XL Coming Soon

Nokia announced the Nokia X in India with a launch event in three cities of New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai simultaneously. In several ways, this was a massive event for Nokia as it announced its first Android device. It is not really the Nokia Android combination most of us dreamt of, but had you told anyone that Nokia would release an Android phone they would have laughed at you until that really happened in Barcelona.



The focus on many ways was on apps, a stick that Nokia has not been able to beat about given rather limited collection of apps on Windows Phone. The device is in several ways an Android phone without the best of Android. There are no Google Services in the device including Play Store, and you have to depend on Nokia Store or third party stores such as Amazon for apps. The specs of the phone are modest as well with a 4 inch WVGA screen, a dual core processor, 3 MP Camera and 512 MB of RAM which could be a crippling factor when running large apps.

The device has a forked Android skin on top of Android 4.1 which is a bit like what we have seen on an Asha device with Fast Lane. The phone would be available in India immediately in four colors for Rs. 8,599. The other two variants of the device i.e. Nokia X+ and XL would be available within the next 60 days.

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