Nokia X Officially Available for Rs 7027 after Price Cut

Given the most specs of the Nokia X and pretty much a below average performance, it has not been a surprise that despite all the hype, the device has not done as well as Nokia had anticipated. The initial reviews of the device were not positive as it barely was up to the standards that Android has set itself. It is now a common knowledge that unless you are new comer to the Android world and just want to try out the ecosystem, there are several other devices which you should look for than the Nokia X. Nokia on their part, have marketed the device as an Android app running phone than an Android device. All of this has culminated in the device being very oddly placed.

Nokia X

Launched at Rs 8,500 in India, the Nokia X has seen a couple of price drops already in less than a month of its launch indicating poor sales performances. The latest price drop sees the phone available for as little as Rs 7,027. This is certainly a very attractive price especially for those who are looking to pick a Dual Sim Android smartphone. For those of you who are interested in picking the smartphone, can find it on most of the E-Com stores in India such as Flipkart here.

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