Nokia Z Launcher now Available on Google Play Store

A marriage between Nokia and Android is exactly what a lot of fans of both the sides have been lusting after. Given Nokia’s prowess with hardware and popularity of Android, the lovechild most definitely would have been better than the half-hearted attempt that the Nokia X series was. However, while not exactly by the same line of cloth, Nokia and Android have come together, this time for accomplishing a launcher that the team from Nokia has made for Android devices, calling it the Z Launcher.

Nokia Z Launcher

Unlike any other Android launcher, the Z Launcher is extremely simple to operate and you can simply hand draw the initial letter of the app to access it, instead of relying on the app drawer. The launcher is also user-adaptive so you will actually see the applications that you use most often listed higher up on the home screen itself. There is a conventional app drawer too in case you wish to go that route. The launcher basically is one static page instead of multiple home screen with the listing of your most important apps or contacts as well as fixed number of static icons.

The launcher was so far available in Beta for testing purposes, through Nokia’s own website, but has found its place on the Android Play Store. You can download Nokia’s Z launcher for your Android 4.1 and above running Android phone from here.

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