Nokia’s Z Launcher Brings Support for Widget

Nokia’s Z launcher was one of our favorite launchers when it was announced sometime last year simply because how light it was on the memory and how well the entire piece worked. However, despite a clear visual uplift as well as memory saving capabilities, the launcher had a couple of really shocking shortcomings, none of them bigger than the inability to add widgets to the desktop.

Nokia Z Launcher- Widget support

Widgets are one of the key USP of Android devices and are great for a quick glance information at what is happening based on the kind of widget you have used. In fact arrangement of widgets has been one of the major competing spots when it comes to arranging the desktops on Android.

Realizing the importance of Widgets, Nokia has finally decided to bring the support for widgets in its launcher, using with the update to version 1.2. The update will bring the ability to add resizeable widgets to the screen, though the major drawback is that you can only have one screen of widgets and that too is not the smoother implementation, given the gesture-based search for the apps that works on the Z Launcher. As a result, the whole experience is a little convoluted and disjointed, though it definitely is a start towards something better. You can go ahead and give the Nokia Z Launcher a try and see if the experience works for you or you return just a little disappointed, the way we did.

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