notiShare Lets You Tweet Or Update Facebook Status From Notification Bar For Android

Android has always been known for its ability to be customized according to the needs of the users, and making things very simple for everyone. However, there are a few features that are present on iOS that actually make some tasks really simple, and one such is the ability to Tweet right from the Notification Center. We have seen ourselves using the feature more and more since it was debuted in iOS 5 as you do not have to sit and load the app up and you can just leave a short post on Twitter. Similarly with iOS 6 you could send an update to your Facebook too simply from your notification bar. So, what if you want these options with an Android device too.


notiShare is a free application available in the Google Play that adds a little notification in your status bar on your Android device so you can quickly Tweet or add a Facebook update without having to dwell into the application. We definitely found this method much easier to quickly update Social networks including Google Plus instead of using individual widgets. The application is fairly simple and can be thought of to be as a widget in your Notification bar like toggles. You can select which social network you wish to simply post and even select your favorite Social Network between Twitter or Facebook so that directly tapping on that would open a dialogue where you can Tweet or Facebook an update. However, there is a little annoyance, as when you are tweeting, there is a little message of hash tag notiShare. You can obviously delete that as you want. There is also a persistent status icon bar on top of your notification bar which can be replaced by a transparent icon if you wish to not see it. All in all, it has basic customization ability and the app is extremely easy to use.


You can download the app from here and use it for yourself. You do not even have to authorize the app as it connects itself to the logged in Social Networking sites on your Android device such as Google Plus, Facebook or Twitter.

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