NovaBench is Affective Benchmarking Tool For Your PC

Benchmarking a process of finding the performance of hardware and other components of PC so that you can compare your PC performance. You’ll get scores at the end of benchmarking process and you can compare that score with the standard score. It ultimately checks the performance level of your PC.

NovaBench is simple and easy to use benchmarking tool that test your PC performance. It is available free to download. Apart from Windows it is also available for Mac platform.

Download and install the application on your PC. Now run the program. Click on “Start Benchmark Test” button.

It will ask you to close all the running applications. Close all of them and click the “Proceed” button.

It will start analyzing your computer. It displays remaining time on the program’s interface. You can stop test anytime you want by clicking the “Stop Test” button.

After few seconds it’ll show the result. You can see the NovaBench score, system RAM, CPU Tests, Graphic tests, hardware tests results. You can save the result on your PC (click the “Save” button). Also you can compare the result with “Compare These Results Online”.

On the Novabench site you can compare your PC score and system component results to other system scores.


Download Novabench.

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