Now Download Android 4.1 JellyBean Keyboard On Any ICS 4.0+ Android Phone

Android JellyBean since its launch at the Google I/O has been looked at as a performance improvement over the widely loved ICS 4.0. It is pretty clear that Google has actually attempted to smoothen and improve over already a UI that people liked. Hence JellyBean does not have have too many changes that are visible to the eye. Yes, offline typing is probably the best feature that has stood out as something different. Yet one feature that has gone unnoticed is the fact that Google have improved their keyboard. The keyboard which has been often the most discussed about feature about a touchscreen device has come a long way since the clumsy one we say in the days of Froyo.

However, with ICS the keyboard saw drastic improvements and now finally with JellyBean has attempted to get its prediction text correct. We actually envy the keyboard on the rumored BB 10 devices as that is without a doubt been the best implementation of predictive texting. However, if you cannot wait for your device to get the JellyBean update and would like to try out this new keyboard then you can well do that in case you are running ICS on your device already. Just head over to this link at the Play Store and download this keyboard and use it as your default keyboard.

The layout seems pretty much exactly how it was, but the auto correct definitely works a lot better, not as good as swift keyboard. However, it is worth a try and especially for free, a must have. Do let us know your experiences with the new keyboard in the section below.

Via: Redmondpie, Play Store

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