Now Enjoy Playing Games on Google Plus

We all are very well aware the constant race between Facebook and Google Plus to see who takes the throne for the best social networking experience and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the two would co-exist as the most popular ones. However, Google Plus took a massive step forward today by announcing that it would begin rolling out popular games like Angry birds which would be playable while browsing the networking site.


Some of the other games that are queued up for release are diamond dash, crime city and Zinga poker. There are plenty more to come and most of the users would already have had an experience with these games from their android or chrome usage.

This could well be inline to beat the Farmville range of games that Facebook has and give a distinct heads up for Google Plus against Facebook as these are popular games being imported rather than just brand new concepts. There would be a dedicated button at the top for the games if you wish to play them, so if you are one of those people who would use the site strictly to stay in touch with people then it is very easy to ignore all the playfulness as your stream would fully focus on your conversations.


For more information, and details about what google plans to do with these games and when you can see the first one out, you can visit the Google blog here:

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