Now Facebook Allows You To Edit Your Comments As Many Times As You Want

Facebook has revolutionized the way we communicate with our friends. We now sit and chit chat with friends who we havent even met for ages, and in some cases never. There are various was we can talk over facebook, one being through a mis-functioning chat and the other being through Direct Messages in the inbox. However, one method we use most often is commenting either on status updates or images. However, we are all humans and we make mistakes while we type. In a way faster you type more the chances you may miss a word or two or forget a space. However, if you are commenting on something official, even a small typo can be extremely costly, and to avoid that you have to delete the entire message and retype it.

This is not only time consuming but also keeps you a step behind while discussing something. However, now Facebook has bought a change that would really help everyone. Now we can all edit our comments as many times as we want. This is extremely helpful as there is no restriction in the number of edits we can make. We can even delete the comment altogether how we could initially but this add on is definitely a welcome add-on.

This definitely does not bring positives to the table, but also a major negative point as people can quickly edit the comment which could make the entire discussion look extremely stupid. In a way it takes away the credibility as someone at anytime can change the comments and flip from their stance. However, all in all we are sure the addition would very much be welcome by the audience.

What are your comments on this change? Do let us know.

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