Now Get Touchless Controls like the Moto X on any Android Device

When Motorola announced the Moto X, the device was a major breakthrough for several reasons. The first obviously being the ability to customize the device to be the personal liking of the person while the other was the software on the device with its cool features. We all loved Active notifications and told you how you can get Active notifications on any Android device here.

However, not just active notifications, the Moto X also comes with the ability to be woken up simply by the command ‘Ok Google’. This is pretty cool as you can search or ask the device for information without even touching it. However, it is now possible for all the Android smartphones to be able to get touchless controls on their phones.


This all has been made possible by an app called Open Mic+ which is available for free to download thanks to an XDA Forum member. The application will work on any Android smartphone running Android version 4.1 and above. It is pretty odd that initially the app was on Google Play before it was taken down without any reasons. The app allows your Android phone to replicate the Moto X and wake up Google Now with your voice command. The app works perfectly well offline too which is great for those who are data cautious.

Some more features of the app, as written by the developer are as follows:

Google Now becomes more conversational as after a search just say Okay Google to start a new one. And even better get the answers to your questions while your hands are tied, or when you’re on the couch, or in the car.

Everybody’s talking about the new Touchless Controls features for the Moto X, but now any phone that is running Jelly Bean or higher can have the same experience.

Open Mic+ will run in the background and can be configured to start at boot so that it truly becomes part of the phone.

Truly automate your device by combining the endless command list of Tasker with the ease of access of Open Mic!

Open Mic+ uses offline voice recognition which means less data usage and faster results.

100% FREE
We saved the best for last. Open Mic+ has no ads, no in-app purchases, and is free to download. So why are you still reading this? Try Open Mic+ for Google Now.

You can try the app for yourself by visiting the thread of the application here.

Via: XDA Forum
Image Courtesy: Droid Life

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