Now Get Video Tutorials On How To Repair Your Gadgets with FixYa For iPhone

If you are a gadget lover chances are that you may have played around with various gadgets of yours, some might have fixed up and the others maybe permanently broke leaving your heart broken as your hundreds of dollars of investment is no more than a piece of bread board and some electrical components on top of it. However would it not be good if you could have the service manual video of just about every device possible. Be it an MP3 Player or smart phone or even your car or disc man, what if someone said you have their back and you could practically repair anything and everything electronic that you want.

All that you require to make sure every single gadget in your household is safe is a trusted old iPhone and an application by the name of FixYa. It is indeed a dream application to have in your device which makes sure that you never are alone when a device breaks down. The UI is extremely simple and easy to use, but you must have a data connection on the move in case you are outside your house where there is no Wi-Fi connectivity. The application largely depends upon on it’s users to submit useful tutorials, so in case you enjoy using the app we do recommend you to add some content yourself.

We also encourage everyone to search for the content before posting questions which could be annoying. The search section is indeed very helpful for it. The application is available for free right now in the Apple App store. Here is the link to download the app.

Via: Addictive Tips

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