Now Get Xperia Launcher For All ICS+ Android Devices

Sony alongside HTC are well known to have the best skinning for Android. Both Timescape and Sense even though are a little heavier as compared to Touchwiz, they have that little bit of finished feeling that you do not sometimes get from TouchWiz. Touchwiz seems too colourful at times and not rally subtle if you are one of those people who have very limited colour preferences like most tech nerds do. So it comes as no surprise that more and more developers are focusing on trying to port these two skins for devices. Touchwiz though has been successfully ported now for all the devices that are running ICS or higher version of Android on their devices.

Xperia Launcher

Xperia Launcher only brings the launcher to your device and not any of the widgets or even skinned icons. This is a very minimum but realistic replication of the Xperia T type of home screen for your Android. You can change the number of screens as well as the dock settings on your device. Xperia Launcher is pretty fast and I did not really experience any sort of lag in the device. There were no forced closes and it worked just like Apex or Nova Launchers. Power Consumption though was slightly more as compared to Nova Launcher, so if you are a battery cautious person do take a note. Some of the features of Xperia Launcher as written by the developer are as follows:


– User selectable number of home screens (up to 11) and default screen selection
– Customizable desktop and app drawer grid size (from 3 x 3 to 9 x 9)
– Infinite scrolling on the desktop and the app drawer (significantly improved from previous (GB) version)
– Resizable widgets
– Hide apps from the app drawer (now does not hide them from the desktop and the dock)
– Show / hide icon labels on the desktop, the dock and the app drawer
– Enable / disable app sharing on social networks
– Enable / disable tactile feedback (vibration)
– Icon packs support (load icons from: Launcher Pro, ADW Launcher and GO Launcher themes / icon packs)
– Backup and restore launcher settings
– Support for any resolution and any display density (custom DPI) 


To download the launcher, head over to the application page on the XDA forums here and either download the APK file and install like any other app or you can even use a QR Reader to read the QR code and get the application. I would highly recommend you to try this launcher if you like the way Sony customizes its device as it pretty much is the best replication of Timescape out there.

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