Now Playing Beta is a Holo UI Music Player for Android

Android apps are slowly being streamlined into  a Holo like UI. It is basically a minimalistic UI which reflected the overall feel of the ICS interface. Plenty of applications such as Google Now, Twitter and more recenty the Play Store in itself have adapted the Holo UI to a great effect as it provides information in a clean cut sort of a manner. The fonts are big and look neat on top of a standard white color background.

now playing beta

So it makes sense that we get a music player with the Holo Theme. Now Playing Beta is one such Music player that has been developed over on XDA Developers Forum. The player is very much in beta as suggested by the title and is based on Apollo Music Player. The player is open for testing, so you can download and help the developer with your appreciation or criticism of the application. There is dash clock music support as well as full landscape support which works very well in case you want to dock your Android device.

You can also download Artists and image cover from within the application and the neat UI of the application lets you read lyrics neatly while listening to music. You can swipe across the horizontal panes to see your music categorized through various categories like albums, genres etc. The application is very polished for an app in Beta but it does Force Close once in a while which is to be expected. You can download the application too from here.

And do not forget to head over to XDA and thank the developer and send in your feedbacks, nothing wrong in giving back to the community.

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