Now Reply To Your Whatsapp Messages with Pushbullet

How often it has happened with you that you are sitting on your laptop with the phone on charging right next to your system and continuously juggling between the two simply because the IM apps on your phone need attending to. Thanks to Pushbullet, you were able to read all the notification son your Android device so far and keep up with what is new that is coming on your device and dismiss the same right from the dash if the thing did not interest you.

Whatsapp Notifications Reply Pushbullet

In an attempt to take the synchronisation to another level, you will be now able to respond to your IM messages too directly from your desktop without touching your mobile devices. You simply need to have Pushbullet installed both on your device and in the browser, so that you receive the notifications right on your desktop and reply to the same. Currently the IM apps that are supported are Whatsapp, Telegram, Line, FB Messenger as well as Hangouts. While the first four will work simply by installing the Pushbullet app both on your desktop and device, the Hangouts app requires you to install Android Wear on your Android Phone.

You do not need to have an Android Wear watch, but just the application on board will do the trick. We found this to be the most convenient way of IMing and so much better than the desktop client of Whatsapp and others that exist. Make sure you have the latest version of Pushbullet on your Android Phone for this to work.


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