Now Send Messages on Hangouts using your Voice

We are not sure how often you use Voice commands on your Android phone, but it definitely is a handy feature when you are living alone and feeling super duper lazy on a Sunday afternoon. In fact, we have had days where we have been in bed and simply done everything on the phone, using ‘Ok Google’ voice feature. Therefore, it is only a matter of great joy when a new Voice controlled feature is added by Google to Google Now.

Google Now

The newest in the family is the ability to send across Hangouts messages without any touch requirement, so all you need to do is tell Google in Google Now to say ,’Send Hangouts Message’ and then your message to the recipient that you wish to send the message and watch the awesomeness happen. The feature is being rolled out in the most recent Google Now update, though on our devices, we are yet to receive, indicating it is being done in batches. The feature is no different to the other voice commands that you use with Google Now, a bit like the ability to block calendar or send across an E-Mail.

This is certainly an interesting start to the whole integration with third party APIs on Google Now.

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