Now SMS brings Cards like Messaging UI to your Android Phone

It seems that the card like UI is the flavor of the season as far as Android apps are concerned. More and more apps are adapting this UI which makes things to be incredibly minimalistic and clean. We had apps like Google Now and the likes which started the trends and more and more apps are picking the trend.


One such app that has incorporated this UI is Now SMS, which basically allows a very simple interface alternative to the default SMS app for your Android device. Remember the days when apps like Handcent and Go SMS were considered to be the best apps when it came to UI for texting, it seems like they all just slipped under the radar as the default messaging apps improved considerably.

Now SMS2

The app is available for free and requires you to be running Android 2.3 and up, which is good news as those stuck on Gingerbread can also enjoy some Holo-esque apps. Some of the features of the apps are:

  • Pure Google like UI, very similar to Google+ and Google Now apps.
  • In built translator for messages.
  • Popups for quick message response.
  • Ability to customize message threads.
  • Customized reminder feature so that you do not forget replying back to an important text message.

You too can try the application by downloading it from here

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