Now Stream your Images via Chromecast with Photo Cast for iOS

Ever since Google opened the gates of Chromecast for developers, there have been several interesting applications that have come up that expands Chromecast beyond the horizons of what Google had introduced the device for. Yes, you can now play local media on your HDTV easily thanks to Chromecast. We recently shared how you can play local videos from Android device to Chromecast here  via Localcast. However, there are times, when we would like to see our images too on the large screen and this is where Phot Cast for iOS comes in handy.


The application is available for free in the iOS store and simply allows you to share images via chromecast. The application has a really simple UI which is extremely easy to work in. The moment you fire the application up, all your photos are displayed and all you really need to do is pick the ones that you wish to see via Chromecast. You obviously have to grant the application permission to access your photos which is a no brainer.

Once you have done that, the application takes care of things. You also have the option of playing slideshows of images and can specify the time interval between each image making Photo Cast a wonderful utility to have if you use a Chromecast.

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